House, techno and breaks is how Octo Octa describes her genre of music but her productions are so much more than that. The Brooklyn producer’s finely-tuned marriage of exquisite compositional flare, meticulously-sculpted sonics, and primal dance-floor functionality earned her a Red Bull Music Academy residency in Manhattan as well as covet gigs at Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Frankfurt’s Live At Robert Johnson, and Barcelona’s Sonar Festival.

Over the years her releases on Running Back, Argot and 100% Silk have been in the record bags of many DJs around the world. This week she returns to Good Room to push her unique sonic perspective and shimmering club-ready earworms through our soundsystem. She’s DJing at the Young People party with Jayson Green and Dennis McNany (Museum of Love) on July 29 – tickets available here.

What is your Holy Grail of records?

My Holy Grail record changes quite often actually. Sometimes I think I know what it is and then I see it for $25 and I’m like “meeeh, I don’t wanna spend that much”. Right now it’s kind of any Dana Kelley / Callisto record. I just missed a lot of 4 of his Guidance records on eBay, but snatched another lot that had 1 EP in it plus the Larry Heard Calm & Chaos EP. I’m pretty much in love with everything he made.

Dead or Alive, if you could pick anyone to dance to one of your sets who would it be?

Larry Heard would mean a whooole lot to me. When thinking of emotional tunes he’s always on top and seeing him dancing to anything would be a treat.

Has the music industry changed for better or worse since you started playing/making music?

I’m not really sure honestly. Sometimes I think  your opinion changes just depending on how long you’ve been around. For example, if you’ve been in it for 5 years then your opinion probably mimics anyone else that’s been around for 5 years.

I want to say that things are good but even after a number of years I still only have so much access to club experiences. I can’t really talk about of festivals are now versus ‘back in the day’ because I just don’t know. Ask me in 10 more years – haha!

What would your last meal be and to what soundtrack?

Last meal would easily be a good ramen and DJ Sprinkles – 120 Midtown Blues.

Could you share five tracks you’ve been digging lately…

DJ Zozi – Mellow Vibe

I’ve been a sucker for breaks since I was 14/15 and first got to hear drum n bass. I’m absolutely in love with this whole record. It does a lot of things with jungle/breaks that I wish I could do. I Ran around to a bunch of stores before it came out looking for it. Got to meet Sophie (DJ Zozi) a couple weekends ago, so cool!

Roche – All Day

Ben Winans (Roche) is a great producer and live performer. His tunes are always very interesting and are kinda packed in the best way. ‘All Day’ is forthcoming on Hobocamp.

***Couldn’t find any links for this one. Sorry guys***

Art of Tones – Dirty Stories

Picked this up on a Local Talk promo. Super fun tune, been playing it in every set for a month now.

Da Kine – Just The Way I Feel

I saw a bunch of Driftwood records at Halcyon and was like “why are those so expensive used?” and after doing too much discogs-in and youtubin I listened to most of the releases that I could hear. This one stuck out though. Very smoooooth. Btw, Halcyon had em cheaper than discogs 😉

Dorisburg – Splade

Alex is the cutest and the best and this tune rules. And he rules. And I want more 🙂

Octo Octa is playing at the Young People party in the Bad Room on July 29 with Dennis McNany and Jayson Green. Tickets available here.