Party Dad is a DJ and record collector hailing from the Carolinas. A passionate lover of music as well as the media by which it is distributed, he’s known for getting dancefloors moving to offbeat tunes rescued from dollar bins all along the eastern seaboard.

For the 159th Good Room Podcast he made a 80 minute mix featuring deep cuts alongside classics. Here’s what he had to say about the mix: “I made this mix in the midst of a 12-hour living room listening session I had in lieu of watching this year’s Super Bowl. Not that I was purposely avoiding said sporting event, but I fell down a rabbit hole of 80s dub mixes and managed to record this before climbing out. These things happen sometimes when you’re a massive dork about records. Maybe I’ll catch the game next year.”

You can follow Party Dad at @partydad

Recorded live at Good Room at the Darker Than Wax x eto ano party on January 16, 2022, Marco Weibel locked into the deep and hypnotic grooves. The set is recorded two hours into the party just as the dancefloor started to get down on the snowy NYC night.

4AM NYC is truly a force to be reckoned with. Their set from Good Room late last year, (opening for Detroit’s finest Omar S,) is indicative of their passionate, all-or-nothing approach to djing: how they take care of a dancefloor from the critical opening stages of a night, up and over euphoric peaks, and always leave dancers wanting more. “Now more than ever, I show up to play every party like it’s my last night on earth. There is no other way – you have to give it your all. No regrets!”

You can follow 4AM NYC on SoundCloud at @4am-nyc

When long time friends Justin Strauss & Max Pask started making music together, something just clicked. The NYC mainstays, who have been DJing and producing music in their own right for decades, began collaborating in the studio in 2019 and they haven’t looked back. Together, they formed Each Other, which has seen them release on Soulwax’s label Dee Wee and do remixes for the likes of Midnight Magic and Holy Ghost. Their sound is eclectic, whether it’s minimal, hypnotic beats or energetic, sparkling synths, where everything is made with the dancefloor in mind.

You can feel the vibe for yourself in this mix they made for the Good Room Podcast ahead of their set at Good Room on October 2, 2021. Justin and Max will be playing in the Bad Room all night long at the Good Room Members Party. Tickets –

quest?onmarq is New York born and raised raver. A sonic chameleon, quest?onmarc commands inhibitory submission over dance floors by way of their own hypnotic genre fluid rave-ready productions and cataclysmic 3-deck dj sets. They are a monthly resident on Rinse France and The Lot Radio (a/v show).

Ahead of their Good Room debut, we asked quest?onmarq to put together a mix ahead of the party. It’s full of peak time house, techno, acid and breakbeat jams that even includes tracks of Good Room’s Alone Together compilation. Here is what they had to say about the mix…

“This mix is a pre-game primer, something to groove to until you’re headed up the stairs leading to the dancefloor. It’s inspired by ‘transformative nights’ experiencing light, sound and party people at Good Room. The mix selects from Good Room alum that have graced the booth before me, Eris Drew, Octa Octa, Juan Maclean and Kim Ann Foxman, as well as international shout outs to Anastasia Kristensen (CPH), LCY (UK) and Nathan Melja (FR). It is energetic, driving and jackin’, balanced with vibes hypnotic, dark and pulsating. Expect the unexpected and good time guaranteed. I’m excited to share over the duration of a three hour, three deck set and play for everyone at Good Room 🙂 “

Two hours of high energy house music care of Lauren Flax at Good Room’s Reopening Party on September 9, 2021.

1. Snuff Crew – Are You House? (Original Mix)
2. Soul Designer – Molecular Song (Original Mix)
3. Daniel Bell – Baby Judy
4. Vin So – Recusal
5. Uncertain – Bleep
6. Robert Armani, Traxmen – Make-A-Wish (feat. Robert Armani) (Original Mix)
7. Geto Mark – Geto Mark – B That B (Original Mix)
8. Paul Johnson – Whos Psy is This (Original Mix)
9. Jeremiah Meece – Messy Drama (ORIGINAL MIX)
10. Hooverian Blur – Hand In The Fire
11. Luke’s Anger – bald head horse
12. DJ Milton – Southside Beat Down (Original Mix)
13. Reggie R – GET-UP (MR. HO EDIT)
15. Jordan Zawideh – No One (Gay Marvine Edit)
16. Uncertain – Lick
17. Luca Piermattei – Delay Effect (Original Mix)
18. Paul Johnson – Deeplow (Original Mix)
19. Black Rave Culture – 4 Matic ( Amal x JamesBangura)
20. Etcher – Brane Worlds
22. Alden Tyrell – SAY WUT (909)
23. Keenan – Wannabe (Original Mix)
24. Traxman – 1990 (Original Mix)
25. Two Of A Kind – Somewhere In West Hell
26. Jerome Hill – Chicken (Original Mix)
27. Turk Turkelton – Pony
28. Robbie Tronco – C.U.N.T. (Original Tronco Meltdown)
29. Paul Johnson – Aww Shit (Original Mix)
30. Paul Johnson – If You Ever Call Me (Original Mix)
31. Granary 12 – Tobacco Dock
32. MATRiXXMAN, MCR-T – Just Run (Matrixxman Kaotic 95 Mix)
33. Heiko Laux – Dry Me (Acid Mix)
34. Mak & Pasteman – T2000
35. Avision – Yo Listen (Truncate’s 808 Edit)
36. Andrew Soul – STFU Bitch
37. P. J. Swerve – Gimme Mo’