For the past 13 Years FIXED has been serving up some of the best electronic music from across the world to the Brooklyn stage. The men behind it, JDH & Dave P, were among the first to bring artists like Hot Chip, Lindstrøm, and Simian Mobile Disco to New York. They continue to support new international and local talent alike at Good Room every month, with FIXED being one of our resident parties.

As DJs they’re always delving deep into the electronic music world, playing everything from dark house and experimental electronics to spaced out techno. This Good Room Podcast was recorded live at their February party with Matthew Dear. They’ll be back on March 23 with Pional.

Nathaniel Young runs the Portland, OR / NYC based record label, Blankstairs with longtime friend and collaborator Warren Mark Way. He writes music under the aliases Kohl, Richard P, and his birth name that touch on a wide spectrum of sounds ranging from the meditative to the abrasive. Young draws inspiration from his religious upbringing and the freedom found in the absence of institution.

Nathaniel runs the dub-techno and experimentally focussed monthly, Modal Form, at Jupiter Disco with fellow Blankstairs artist, M Parent. He has made appearances with Avalon Emerson, Broken English Club, Aurora Halal, Tin Man, Ital, and Randomer. Nathaniel has put together a mix of late night techno, spaced out electronica and banging electro for the Good Room Podcast ahead of the Blankstairs party on 03.02. He’ll be playing in the Bad Room with M Parent, Archivist and Kristen Dalen. Tickets available via Resident Advisor

Omni Assembly is a crew out of Brooklyn consisting of three core members – Ryan Kunimura, Shane Okouchi, Thomas Hall. All three have backgrounds in music, and art with a focus on bringing together the creative community. Rather than focusing solely on parties – Omni Assembly puts their efforts into doing events that marry visual art, music, and using the venue/space as another aspect of the experience.

As far as music goes everything from funk, jazz, and rock down to dancefloor killers of the house and techno variety are what they’re about. Their Good Room Podcast features all of the above in one smooth 120 minute mix.

The Duchess is a London-born, Brooklyn-based DJ and radio show host. Her practise is of a highly emotional and spiritual nature – reflected in her contributions to nightlife as a DJ & promoter in NYC, as host of her monthly radio show- Spiritual | Mental | Physical on Waxx.FM, and through collaborative music-based projects with poets, producers, artists, dancers and MCs the world-over. Fuelled by a lifetime of human experience, using music as a primary means of communication; her work aims to be inclusive and energising, raw and honest.

Her Good Room Podcast is made up of just-a-sliver of some of her beloved records and was recorded in one single take, with some extra vocal ‘cameos’ digitally woven through. “If the listener feels anything – anything at all – it’s been worth it.”

Queens native MANIK is a quintessential New York DJ. A seasoned crate digger, MANIK spends hours in record shops to find those forgotten records and hidden gems for the dancefloor. As a producer, he’s built up a solid reputation with releases on Ellen Allien’s B-Pitch Control, Kim Ann Foxman’s Firehouse and Huxley’s label NIO.

After playing at the club in September, MANIK is on Podcast duty for Good Room. This all-vinyl mix brings together his unique brand of house and techno, old school and new school, expertly crafted for you to enjoy.

Ben Steidel is a Brooklyn-based DJ and musician. Originally hailing from San Francisco, he is currently a co-owner of Greenpoint’s Co-op 87 record store. He is also one third of the long-running tropical synth pop band Lemonade.

His Good Room Podcast is about an hour of slower, sometimes psychedelic dance music, recorded live on a Wednesday afternoon in anticipation of his warm-up set for Animal Collective’s DJs on 11.15.

It’s beautiful what shared purpose can do to two strangers. Since meeting in 2014, Dan and Jim have been working together to build Sweat Equity into a platform for the myriad voices of New York’s thriving dance scenes, mixing styles and genres that underscores the pair’s divergent backgrounds and loves in House, East Coast Club scenes, hip-hop, and the deeper archives of dance music history.

This ongoing project has grown into an artistic collaboration that matches the pair’s vision as producers and label owners. Having notched their first production with a remix of The Carry Nation’s “As If,” this year, the duo is currently working on their first original productions. This Good Room Podcast is their first mix together, but you can bet your bottom dollar there’s more to come! You can see them on the dancefloor on November 2 when the pair play at the PopGun Presents party.

Swami is the guise of Bel Downie, a New York-based Australian DJ who has been playing various venues and events around the city for the last few years. Sitting somewhere between 90s Detroit and Chicago House, 70s Disco/Funk/Soul and UK underground, her sound crosses genre boundaries, creating fun and energetic dance floor sets.

In 2016 she cofounded ‘Act Natural’ a monthly world club music night mostly rooted in the underground electronic world, with different flavors of UKG, grime, UK bass to cumbia and moombahton to house, disco, funk and soul added every month. In this flavor, she’s put together an upbeat mix for the 105th Good Room Podcast that will keep you on the floor for all 56 minutes.

Andrew Devlin is a New Yorker that likes to play good music for fun people. He throws a party called Level that happens regularly in New York and once in New Orleans. He thinks music and parties should be interesting and cool and not that serious all at the same time.

His mix for the 105th Good Room Podcast was recorded in his home studio with 2 turntables and a mixer and hopefully reflects that. You can catch Andrew Devlin playing at Good Room on 10.06 at a free party with Bwana and DJ Nicely (Working Women).

Brandon Wilner is a reader, writer, and twin who lives in New York. He co-runs the reissue label Fake Music Re-Anticipations and has a bi-monthly radio show on the Lot Radio (with DJ Voices). His other work can be found via Publication Studio; the Summer Forum residency journal, Dilettante; Resident Advisor; and the designed-object company Areaware. As for DJing, if he thought that playing records were more dangerous than living in general, then he probably wouldn’t do it.

Unscented DJ has put together a mix of curious house records for the 104th Good Room Podcast. The set feels very New York, like when you leave your house and the city can take you anywhere through the night.