This mix sonically commemorates FSQ’s first appearance at Bad Room for The Funky Seshwa party with Willy Soul, Mouthfeel (Deep Inside / Austin, TX), and Morgan Wiley who reps both Midnight Magic and FSQ among other acts. The party on 08.16.18 marks the official launch of FSQ’s “The Remix Special” album, which compiles their best remix work we executed label mates like Soul Clap, Life on Planets, Nick Monaco, Crew Love, and Michael the Lion.

Several cuts from “The Remix Special” (plus special album outtakes) appear in this hour long journey through funk, style and quality including the new FSQ remix of Sa’d ‘The Hourchild’ Ali’s “Asylum”. The mix also features several unreleased jams in the spirit of the theme of “The Remix Special”. For instance, songs from their forthcoming Soul Clap Records album FSQ “Reprise Tonight”, as remixed by talents like Brooklyn based Dopeshoes and Italian disco magnate Birdee, as well as other FSQ works remixed by Midnight Riot Records stalwart Alan Dixon (Judge Funk), UK G-house legend Vanilla Ace, and Crew Love’s Jack Priest.

The mix also features new obsessions like records from Crazy P’s Ron Basejam, Israel’s funk / house king Obas Nenor, our South Africa’s sultry nudisco act Brian Snr all here in the mix. If you listen close to any FSQ mix you’ll also find the deep Parliament / Funkadelic (P-Funk) rarities as both Chuck Da Fonk and Sa’d Ali (RIP) from FSQ work with the group.