Don’t think of K-HAND as just another Detroit-based producer, or DJ. Think of her instead as one of the city’s best, as bold as that thought may seem. She has devoted more than two decades to working crowds into techno dance frenzy, reading crowds and seducing them, one track after another, until she has it at her mercy.

K-HAND stands alongside Detroit’s elite as an internationally recognized veteran of the legendary Detroit Techno scene. Her latest releases are some of hottest music coming out of Detroit on Acacia Recordings and Nina Kraviz’s Label ???? (English: Trip).

She’s playing at Good Room for the first time on October 21 so we caught up with K-HAND to learn about some of her favorites from the music world. You can get free entry to the party before midnight with RSVP to get your own lessons on dancefloor seduction from the master. RSVP here.

What is your Holy Grail of records?

Currently quite a bit of a range to mention but a lot of unreleased and just released music such as the New Kevin Reynolds, Nikita Zabelin, Ben Sims, Rick Astley, Nina Kraviz, as well my own tracks after going through a few hard drive archives.

It’s nice to reflect and preview of what is happening in today’s modern world, seeing the different qualities based on the time frame these songs were made.

Dead or Alive: if you could pick anyone to dance at one of your parties who would it be and why?

George Clinton and Kraftwerk together and all at once.

Has the industry changed for better or worse since you started playing/making music?

Better in a sense in my opinion. With today’s new technology the world has become a better place for everyone to resolve problems quickly.

What would be your last meal on earth and to which soundtrack?

Anything and everything Mediterranean and Pianist Ludovico Einaudi.

Could you share five tracks you’ve been digging lately…

The Black Madonna – Exodus (Stripped & Chewed)

Always in the crate for me. This is a Very moving deep instrumental club track that rocks the dancefloor and most definitely being from Chicago one can’t never go wrong with this Jazzy disco swing.

Nina Kraviz – Black and White (Rekids)

Quite lately and on regular rotation one of many Nina’s Top productions this track for me symbolizes what the world appears to be seen in, thus even babies can only see black and white. This track has a very moving connection on the loop and tops with a deep groove for any dancefloor.

K-HAND – Boiler Room Teaser (Acacia Records)

Surprisingly, this track was just being tested in my Boiler Room session for the dancefloor in Detroit and went totally viral. It’s finally being released soon on vinyl. A deep bass acidy banger, I found works any dancefloor of type.


Seth Troxler and Shaun Reeves – Mru Talkin – (raum…musik)

Always in the crate on the disc very swingy for everyone. Never can go wrong with a little swing of collaboration and Seth Troxler productions.


Butch – Dope (Play it say it)

This record has the perfect beat! Dancefloor heaven.

See K-HAND on the dancefloor on October 21 at Good Room with Marcellus Pittman and Analog Soul. Entry is free with RSVP before midnight. Click here to get on the guestlist.