Heidi has worked hard over the past decade to make her mark on the new house and techno music generation. You only have to visit her worldwide brand of Jackathon parties and or listen to her BBC Radio 1 show to experience her passion for music and fiery nature. Heidi spends her life immersed in music. Never afraid to fight for what she wants, for Heidi it’s not about right place, right time. She has won through sheer determination and sharing the magic with those she loves at every step.

This year has been a busy year for Heidi, relaunching her Jackathon Jams label. After a short hiatus, the first release is a 3-track collaborative EP from DJ T. Vs Emanuel Satie featuring two new productions ‘Break Loose’ and ‘Feeling You’ featuring Joe le Groove, and a remix of ‘Break Loose’ by Kill Frenzy.

She’s playing at Good Room for the first time on September 15, so we caught up with the DJ and producer ahead of her set. You can grab tickets her show this Thursday’s with Mike Servito and Honey Dijon here.

What is your Holy Grail of records?

Verve – ‘A Storm in Heaven’ LP. Their first album from 1992. This album sent me to a place I didn’t know existed when I first heard it and when I listen to it I’m brought back to that time in my life when there wasn’t a care in the world and the acid/mushrooms were really good – haha.

Dead or Alive, if you could pick anyone to dance to one of your sets who would it be?

That one is easy – Prince dead or alive. Unfortunately he is gone now but nobody could bust a move like that man.

Has the industry changed for better or worse since you started playing/making music?

Of course there have been insane amount of changes but I try to ignore them and just do my own thing. I always have and I think that’s why I’m still here. One thing is for sure – there is incredible music still being made out there. You just have to dig for it.

What would be your last meal and to which soundtrack?

Hot wings, McDonalds fries with Gravy from KFC. I’m going out with a bang and my sound track would be Cypress Hill’s ‘I ain’t Going Out Like That’ off  ‘Black Sunday’.

Could you share five tracks with us you’ve been digging lately…

Altern 8 – Armageddon (KiNK Remix)

Kink aka the magician took a classic rave track and kept the feel of it and just made it a club killer.

Hear the track over here

Tennan – ‘Dance to the House’ – VIVa LIMITED

This is a new kid from Leeds and I just love this jam. It lights the dance loor on fire with it’s old school feel.

Lloyd Mason Jones – ‘Y Llwynog’ (Rich Lane Remix)

I love this track at the end of the night. It makes me wish i was around for the acid house raves in the fields of manchester in the late 80’s/early 90’s when the sun was rising and everyone was loved right up.

Crackazat – Universal Love

I heard this a few weekend ago from these dope DJ’s from Holland playing Michel de Hey and Benny Rodrigues at Mysteryland Festival and lord have mercy this is a JAM. I actually shazamed it and I NEVER do that – haha

Vin Sol – Instinct on Ultramajic

This track is just sick… I love it and it makes you want to shake and pop that boddddaaaaay.

Hear it over here