Kim Ann Foxman is a rare visionary who yearns to celebrate the golden era of authentic dance music whilst feeding from her fluid understanding of its imminent and intriguing future.

After stepping away from singing with New York’s neo-disco collective Hercules and Love Affair she returned to her fundamental passions: rocking clubs as a DJ and producing raw electronic music. Since then she started Firehouse recordings to represent New York, represent its flavour and be a part of the music history, putting out tracks that are super-dynamic, gorgeous and weird.

She’s launching her Heat it Up! residency at Good Room on August 19 with UK electro pioneer Greg Wilson and former Hercules and the Love Affair collaborator Shaun J. Wright plus Justin Strauss & Billy Caldwell in the Bad Room (You can grab tickets to the party here). We asked Kim a few questions ahead of the launch party to find out what’s been in her record bag of late.

What is your Holy Grail of records?

I love all my children equally 🙂

Dead or Alive: If you could pick anyone to dance at your sets who would it be?

Well I was already blessed to play Willie Ninja’s surprise Birthday Party once in New York,  so I’m good. Can’t really top that one.

Has the music industry got better or worse since you started making/playing music?

Things are constantly changing so its just a matter of adapting to these changes really. In general somethings are better and somethings are worse, but for me personally, my path has has only led to more open doors so I’m not complaining.

What would be your last meal on earth and to what soundtrack?

Today I’m gonna say my mom’s chicken adobo over rice. And I would eat it to something totally nostalgic that makes me happy – like Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’.

Could you share with us five tracks you’ve been digging lately…

Destination – Kim Ann Foxman & Shaun J. Wright

This is a a special one for me because I love Shaun and it’s our first duet. Hot lil basement jam.

LA-4A – Understand

Hot track, nice sample.

Alphonse – Smokey

Tribal elements +  beautiful track (hear it here)

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 5.31.46 PM

Mystic Bill – U Wont C Me (Jake’s Savage Acid Re-Dub)

Tasty acid house with hot vox done proper.

Kim Ann Foxman – Give it All You Got

Off my new EP on Firehouse  which comes out Aug 19th! same day as my residency Launch at Good Room!