Carry Nation was a woman who wanted to stop everyone partying and used to attack bars with a hatchet. The Carry Nation, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. Two long-time staples in the NYC gay underground house scene, DJs Nita and Will Automagic came together in 2012 to throw parties that keep you carrying till dawn.

They make some beats too. Over the years they’ve collaborated with the likes of Stereogamous, Shaun J Wright and Viva Ruiz, remixed or been remixed by the likes of Gavin Russom (The Crystal Ark), Serverino & Luke Howard (Horse Meat Disco) and Fatherhood and have released records on Batty Bass, Tribal and Get Up Recordings.

The Good Room residents have put together a mix of that classic New York house sound and hi-energy floorfillers for the 62nd Good Room Podcast ahead of their party on August 20. They’ll be making us sweet, going all night long. Tickets available here –