Identical twin sister duo Jacquelyn & Kathryn Smith (aka Jacky Sommer & DatKat) have been spreading the good sound around NYC since the early 2000s. They started The Analog Soul Show on East Village Radio exploring the deeper, darker side of techno and house with guests like Function to Simbad, Roland Appel, Slam Mode, and Dj Qu.

The show finished in 2009 but the sisters remain tastemakers in the NYC underground scene as well as playing across Europe, exploring the full spectrum of electronic music, from minimal, acid and Detroit techno to electro, dub and D&B.

Good Room got the sisters to ask each other the hard questions on life, music and food ahead of their set at Good Room on January 29th.

DatKat: If u weren’t a dj what other career path if any would you choose?

Jacky Sommer: Hmm… well I love food. And love to cook. So catering perhaps? I don’t think I’d last a day in a restaurant kitchen tho as a chef. I cook way to slow. But music has always been my path, so tough to say.

What artist (past or present) would you want to spend a day with and what would you do together?

It would probably have to be Kate Bush. I’d honestly just want to have a music session with her. Like a YouTube sesh. To hear what she’s feeling at the moment. Her music is so amazing and on such another level.  I’d love to experience what inspires her.

How would you describe your production?

I like to make electronic, like breakbeats, ambient, dubby vibes… not necessarily House or techno. I’d say it’s dark and Melodic…cinematic….

Jacky Sommer: what genre of electronic music do u enjoy playing the most? Why?

DatKat: Probably Downtempo/Triphop. This was the foundation for my shift to electronic music.

What is your favorite techno label and why?

This is a hard question as there’s just too many artists. But If I had to name one favorite I’d say End to End.  Such a seminal Detroit label,  with some of my fav artirts like Scan 7, Marty Bonds, Echoplex (all time fav). The sound is the perfect blend of both hard and melodic Techno.

What song or albums are on repeat this week and how does that sound play (or not) into ur upcoming set?

I’ve been listing to Main Source – Breaking Atoms alot this past week. “Im looking at the front door” has been played about 100 times. I dont know that the sound exactly plays into the set, although it could. I think what distingues Analog Soul is that our sets are so across the board;so who knows. If I feel it you might hear some Hip Hop.

DatKat and Jacky Sommer are playing in the Bad Room on January 29th at the MeanRed party with Omar S, Generation Next, John FM and Turtle Bugg. You can buy tickets here.