When long time friends Justin Strauss & Max Pask started making music together, something just clicked. The NYC mainstays, who have been DJing and producing music in their own right for decades, began collaborating in the studio in 2019 and they haven’t looked back. Together, they formed Each Other, which has seen them release on Soulwax’s label Dee Wee and do remixes for the likes of Midnight Magic and Holy Ghost. Their sound is eclectic, whether it’s minimal, hypnotic beats or energetic, sparkling synths, where everything is made with the dancefloor in mind.

You can feel the vibe for yourself in this mix they made for the Good Room Podcast ahead of their set at Good Room on October 2, 2021. Justin and Max will be playing in the Bad Room all night long at the Good Room Members Party. Tickets – ra.co/events/1461600