J.S. is an educator – dj – and founding member of the Plastic Dreams collective. By day, they are a humanities and social justice teacher – leading young minds through essential lessons in mindfulness and anti-bias awareness. Truly disruptive educational strategies oriented towards a better, kinder world. As a DJ – they weave their music with a deft and thoughtful hand, and cover disaporic rhythms and genres with intent.

J.S. made a Spring Mix for the Good Room Podcast ahead of their set at U-ME-US with Savile on April 6 (Tickets – bit.ly/2EwIvBJ). The genre non-specific dance mix opens with a Citizen Boy remix of “Tokoliana” from the group Kokoko! of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and features a track from the first Plastic Dreams EP release by Lonefront, “If You Hear It”. It also features a track off of Savile’s latest EP, The Abolitionist, and ends with a track titled Gotas by Taso (Teklife) and Siete Catorce (Naafi) featuring Lao and Adrian Be.