A designer, lover of music, and creative director, Joshua Lang brings a unique perspective to the scene. Currently residing in Philadelphia, he is the CEO / Designer of cut & sew lifestyle brand BWC Garments. Musically his taste spans across a mix of soulful house, disco & funk. His passion for DJing and music has led him to create a sector of his brand called ‘BWC Sounds’. Under this label we host a series of specially curated mixes, special event series, musical showcases and exhibitions. We will eventually start forming a DJ collective and producing music under BWC Sounds.

He’s making his Good Room debut at The Funky Seshwa on 01.10. He’s playing with friend The Whooligan as Room Service at the free party (RSVP here – bit.ly/2TbF892). His Good Room Podcast is a blend of everything he’s been feeling lately – starting off a little groovy then diving into some uplifting disco & house, setting the mood for your perfect night out.