Through the last 9 years @LAGASTA has been establishing a name for itself as one of the most viewed music sites worldwide, known for its good taste in music, keeping up to date with the latest in electronic and dance music in general.

Working as DJs, journalists and event promoters/organisers for years, they had managed to throw some of the most successful parties in Greece as well as a residency at London’s Dalston Superstore. They are responsible for “Late Summer” compilation series. Coming out every September and consisting of exclusive tracks specially made for the compilations. Earlier this year they released their first double vinyl compilation, with 12 exclusive tracks as the first release of their new born label “LAGASTA records”.

One half of the duo behind LaGaSta is Vangelis, whose passion for electronic music shows in every aspect of his life. He’s doing an all-nighter in the Bad Room on 11.02 and put together this special mix of italo, electro and house jams for the Good Room Podcast ahead of the party. You can RSVP for free entry here –