Onkel-S was born under three moons and a shiny disco ball in the dark forests of Norway back in the late eighties. The same dark forests devoured his musical persona and molded a young kid with a profound love for black metal and punk music. One night, many moons ago, after attending a rather unsuccessful stint of metal shows, he ended up at a chippy place in gloomy, downtown Oslo where a fellow named Prins Thomas played records. He fell in love with house music that night and has collected and played them for his comrades in and around New York ever since moving here in the late 00’s.

Other than that Onkel-S is a resident of the Brooklyn based Level Party, with Andrew Devlin and DJ Voices, has a black labradoodle named Snute and once almost bowled a perfect 300.

His Good Room Podcast was recorded for the murky fall nights on the subway home from work or walking aimlessly around the streets of New York.