From a young age Sonny Daze understood that music was a healing and unifying force that influences the world. The Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based producer, musician and DJ takes that attitude into every set that he does. When he steps behind the decks, his focus is on bringing the “medicine” to his audience. “The world is filled with negative thoughts and behavior. When I work my intend is to remove people from that for a few moments. So they consider taking other journeys”.

Sonny has been spinning records since 2000 and has since founded Division 81 Records. He’s a Good Room regular with his party Journey to the Light, a vinyl-only party that is focused specifically on using music from all parts of the world in an effort to invoke dance and awareness amongst guests. As for Sonny’s sets, you can hear everything from a rare tune from Ghana to a Techno jam from Detroit, funk gems to Chicago classics. He put together the 121st Good Room Podcast ahead of the next Journey to the Light on 06.14 where he’ll be playing with Shawn Dub (Tickets –