Nathaniel Young runs the Portland, OR / NYC based record label, Blankstairs with longtime friend and collaborator Warren Mark Way. He writes music under the aliases Kohl, Richard P, and his birth name that touch on a wide spectrum of sounds ranging from the meditative to the abrasive. Young draws inspiration from his religious upbringing and the freedom found in the absence of institution.

Nathaniel runs the dub-techno and experimentally focussed monthly, Modal Form, at Jupiter Disco with fellow Blankstairs artist, M Parent. He has made appearances with Avalon Emerson, Broken English Club, Aurora Halal, Tin Man, Ital, and Randomer. Nathaniel has put together a mix of late night techno, spaced out electronica and banging electro for the Good Room Podcast ahead of the Blankstairs party on 03.02. He’ll be playing in the Bad Room with M Parent, Archivist and Kristen Dalen. Tickets available via Resident Advisor