With love for the contrast between beauty and aggression, Kellam Matthews takes dreamy house tracks and dark acid jams and mashes them together to make some eerie results. After picking up DJing when he was 13, his early influence of Drum & Bass has translated into his current sets, playing slowed down breaks over house music. The Brooklyn-based DJ has been putting together the Friendzone! party and radio show since November with friend Maya, aka Octo Octa, with a simple concept, friends and music – “We talked about how we got into DJing and what excited us about it so we kind of have this approach where we envision ourselves as kids playing records in our rooms.”

Kellam Matthews has put together the 59th Good Room Podcast ahead of his set with Huxley and Bwana on July 23 (tickets available here – bit.ly/29VXtna). His mix is on the happier side, featuring a couple unreleased Octo Octa tunes, the newest release on Will and Susie Martin’s label Firm Tracks, a $3 dollar unmarked Sade edit from Superior Elevation Records, a dope acid tune called “Zone” from Vin Sol and there’s a new tune by Ames Henry called “Trust Me On This” that is forthcoming on his own imprint.