A party for gentlemen who like the boom, Wrecked, The Carry Nation and Occupy the Disco are coming together on December 19 to keep you all dancing till dawn.

Good Room regulars, Ron Like Hell and Ryan Smith (Wrecked) and Nita Aviance & Will Automagic (The Carry Nation) are known for throwing legendary parties across NYC for queers, Queens and anyone who likes to shake their thing on the dancefloor.

Good Room got the guys to ask each the hard questions about sports, propaganda and cartoon comparisons ahead of the party.

The Carry Nation: Wrecked, we’ve noticed your affinity for sports related clothing what sports do you actually play?
Wrecked: Oh yes, we’re massively into sports. Everything from watersports (don’t ever stand below Ryan and Ron will only do it if there is not an empty toilet), to tonsil hockey and watching guys run buy with their weenies flopping around in their pants. We’re also good at chain smoking, binge drinking and dance offs.

If you could go back in time to any party/club where would you go? 
Well, I’m bad at making decisions as there is too many things I’d love to see from The Saint to the Garage or the early Loft. Also, the early days of Acid House in London or the rise of the Balearic sound or even the early Snax parties in Berlin. There were so many parties, clubs or just places that created a moment which has had an impact on me. BUT if I had to choose just one – it’d be the Paradise Garage I guess. I don’t think anything could top that energy.

What classic tv duo would you compare yourselves to?
Beavis and Butthead

Wrecked: Have you ever had a massive fight in the DJ booth? If so, what happened? Did anyone get smacked?
Carry: No. But we heard you guys have. Next Question?

Let’s say you guys were going on a cross country journey to carry a message across the nation, what would it be?
Get Tested. Know your status. Carry Hard and Prosper.

We we’re lucky enough to cross paths in Europe this summer after you guys played Glastonbury. It sounded like quite the rage. So who was the biggest mess?  Nita or Will and what happened? We want stories.
As shocking as this may sound, we tend to keep it cute until all of our DJing duties are finished. After that all bets are off. Maybe ask the Horse Meat Disco guys, they might have a better recollection than us

If you could make one record disappear for good what would it be?  On the other hand, what record would you say could soundtrack your life?
Disappear: That Black Eyed Peas song they use in the Sandal’s ad.
Soundtrack of life: “Can You Party?” by Royal House.

Tickets for Wrecked vs The Carry Nation available here

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