Brooklyn based DJ Voices aka Kristin Malossi is a founding member of the Working Women collective and was head booker at Sisters BKLYN for 4 years before moving on to the same role at Nowadays in Ridgewood. Growing up in South Florida Voices avidly collected music, then moved to NYC in 2011, discovered raves and club music, and quickly fell in love. A dance floor enthusiast first, she transitioned to the other side of the decks in 2015 and rose rapidly through the NYC underground.

She has put together a mix of eclectic house jams for the 139th Good Room Podcast ahead of her set in the Bad Room at the Let’s Play House party on 03.08.19.

Heavily respected by New York Cities finest DJ’s, Francis Nishida is a cultivator of dance music and nightlife culture in Brooklyn. As the host and curator of Cool Runnings DJ night at staple Williamsburg Chinese restaurant, Wei’s, Francis has created a beautiful community of industry folks that come to the night regularly every Tuesday. Also a friend and associate of the late David Mancuso, he is a specialist when it comes to hi-fi sound, and has a vast knowledge of funky ass dance music. His all vinyl dj mix for this Good Room podcast reflects these vibes, and you can catch him closing at the Bad Room for the Funky Seshwa this Thursday.

A designer, lover of music, and creative director, Joshua Lang brings a unique perspective to the scene. Currently residing in Philadelphia, he is the CEO / Designer of cut & sew lifestyle brand BWC Garments. Musically his taste spans across a mix of soulful house, disco & funk. His passion for DJing and music has led him to create a sector of his brand called ‘BWC Sounds’. Under this label we host a series of specially curated mixes, special event series, musical showcases and exhibitions. We will eventually start forming a DJ collective and producing music under BWC Sounds.

He’s making his Good Room debut at The Funky Seshwa on 01.10. He’s playing with friend The Whooligan as Room Service at the free party (RSVP here – His Good Room Podcast is a blend of everything he’s been feeling lately – starting off a little groovy then diving into some uplifting disco & house, setting the mood for your perfect night out.

Disco Tehran is a multi-cultural dance party and live performance project. This dreamboat connects NY to the era of 1970s cosmopolitan venues in Tehran.

Their Good Room mix was compiled by Mirza with track suggestions by Charlotte von Kotze, Jonny Oso, Jared Proudfoot and DJ Kyle Kyle ahead of their debut at the club on 01.12 at The Funky Seshwa. Recording was done at Studio Mamdos.

London muso Lemmy Ashton is known for gleefully pinging across the sonic spectrum. The DJ and operator has has multiple releases on his own imprint TNC, alongside remixes for Domino and PMR/Island Records. His intense, genre-spanning DJ sets attract all manner of revellers, attracted by his blissful unpredictability.

This acid-disco devotee pushes the envelope in his mix for the 135th Good Room Podcast ahead of his set in the Bad Room on December 29 (RSVP for free entry before 1AM –

Started by friends Latane Hughes and Billy Scher in 2015, Fundido is a dance party that celebrates disco and funk sounds from around the world. What began as a small gathering of friends in a tiny front bar room in Brooklyn grew into a regular dance party affair. Soon Billy and Latane were regularly gigging all over New York under the Fundido moniker, including Good Room, who first gave them a shot opening for Quantic as part of his 2017 residency.

A year later with a couple Bad Room all-nighters under the belt and a handful of exotic Fundido edits floating about, Latane and Billy have put together this mix for us with a healthy dose of italo, zouk, brazilian, middle eastern and afro-beat sounds. Fundido bring their world boogie to Good Room with Neon Indian DJ Set on December 28.

For the past 14 Years FIXED has been serving up some of the best electronic music from across the world to the Brooklyn stage. JDH & Dave P were among the first to bring artists like Hot Chip, Lindstrøm, and Simian Mobile Disco to New York. In the past year they’ve continue to support new international and local talent alike with the likes of John Talabot, Jennifer Cardini, Lena Willikens, Daniel Avery and more.

The Good Room resident party is celebrating its 14th Anniversary on 11.30 and they’ve put together a mix to give us a taste of what we’re in store for that night. They’ll be celebrating with DFA Records’ Juan MacLean doing a DJ set and the Extra Water crew in the Bad Room. RSVP for free entry here —>

Thom Yorke – Volk
Carola Baer – Maker of Me
Beatfoot – De Vibez (Smagghe & Cross Version)
Dawn Again & Rothmans – Fern World
Objekt – 35
Girls Chat Room – The Best Crowd
Credit 00 – Traumorgel
Manfredas – Mani from the Block
Khidja – Haetrin (John Talabot’s Late Mix)
Gott – Die Nacht
Pin Up Club – Vaiis
Chinaski – Zeichen Der Zeit
Kiwi – Condor
Super Drama – Ultra feat. Josh Caffé
The Golden Filter – Talk Talk (Cooper Saver remix)
Naduve – Back To Work
Marvin & Guy – Notte feat Allo
Guy Gerber – What To Do (&ME remix) – acapella
MODXI – Amalgam (Roman Flügel remix)

Will Buck is man who knows what’s up. The Massachussetts native, Brooklyn based DJ and producer shares his love for disco and funk with releases on Whiskey Disco and Lovedancing, along with frequent collaborator Prtmnto. He’s puts together some jams from his collection for the 132nd Good Room Podcast ahead of his set at the club on 11.08. He’ll be playing at The Funky Seshwa with The Brooklyn Funk Mob featuring Willy Soul, Disgonuts, Kate, NSR and Prtmnto. RSVP for free entry to the party here —>

California dance music institution Lights Down Low has been entertaining creatures of the night for over 10 years, throwing parties in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and beyond. Founders and resident DJs Corey Sizemore and Richie Panic are known for their sonic exercises across genres from hands in the air house, to punishing techno, flexing industrial/EBM favorites or weirdo freak outs. They put together a mix for the 131st Good Room Podcast ahead of their Bad Room take over on November 9.

A party where disco never died and love saves the day, Love Games is a bi-monthly Bad Room party. Co-curated by @lauren-murada (L&L&L Record Club) and Finn Jones, the pair come from The Loft school of DJing where every record stands on its own. The party is heavily influenced by heavenly disco, soulful house and funk rock but the decks are open to any track that makes you wanna get down. And their Good Room Podcast is just that, a selection of records that will make you wanna put your hands in the air and thank the disco gods. You can catch the pair on the dancefloor at their next party on November 07.