Will Buck is man who knows what’s up. The Massachussetts native, Brooklyn based DJ and producer shares his love for disco and funk with releases on Whiskey Disco and Lovedancing, along with frequent collaborator Prtmnto. He’s puts together some jams from his collection for the 132nd Good Room Podcast ahead of his set at the club on 11.08. He’ll be playing at The Funky Seshwa with The Brooklyn Funk Mob featuring Willy Soul, Disgonuts, Kate, NSR and Prtmnto. RSVP for free entry to the party here —>

California dance music institution Lights Down Low has been entertaining creatures of the night for over 10 years, throwing parties in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and beyond. Founders and resident DJs Corey Sizemore and Richie Panic are known for their sonic exercises across genres from hands in the air house, to punishing techno, flexing industrial/EBM favorites or weirdo freak outs. They put together a mix for the 131st Good Room Podcast ahead of their Bad Room take over on November 9.

A party where disco never died and love saves the day, Love Games is a bi-monthly Bad Room party. Co-curated by @lauren-murada (L&L&L Record Club) and Finn Jones, the pair come from The Loft school of DJing where every record stands on its own. The party is heavily influenced by heavenly disco, soulful house and funk rock but the decks are open to any track that makes you wanna get down. And their Good Room Podcast is just that, a selection of records that will make you wanna put your hands in the air and thank the disco gods. You can catch the pair on the dancefloor at their next party on November 07.

Through the last 9 years @LAGASTA has been establishing a name for itself as one of the most viewed music sites worldwide, known for its good taste in music, keeping up to date with the latest in electronic and dance music in general.

Working as DJs, journalists and event promoters/organisers for years, they had managed to throw some of the most successful parties in Greece as well as a residency at London’s Dalston Superstore. They are responsible for “Late Summer” compilation series. Coming out every September and consisting of exclusive tracks specially made for the compilations. Earlier this year they released their first double vinyl compilation, with 12 exclusive tracks as the first release of their new born label “LAGASTA records”.

One half of the duo behind LaGaSta is Vangelis, whose passion for electronic music shows in every aspect of his life. He’s doing an all-nighter in the Bad Room on 11.02 and put together this special mix of italo, electro and house jams for the Good Room Podcast ahead of the party. You can RSVP for free entry here –

Carlos Sanchez is a born and breed Brooklynite who has been on the dancefloors of NYC since the 1970s. After seeing the likes of Nicky Siano and Tee Scott Carlos started DJing himself and never looked back. Over the years he’s released numerous house records and makes music for the soul, with one slated for release later this year.

Carlos has found a new home on the dancefloor at Good Room where he’s a resident at the Love & Respect parties. The Sunday tea parties keep the spirit of NYC house alive, where he plays with Kim Lightfoot and MKL. His Good Room Podcast is full of funk and made for dancing.

Onkel-S was born under three moons and a shiny disco ball in the dark forests of Norway back in the late eighties. The same dark forests devoured his musical persona and molded a young kid with a profound love for black metal and punk music. One night, many moons ago, after attending a rather unsuccessful stint of metal shows, he ended up at a chippy place in gloomy, downtown Oslo where a fellow named Prins Thomas played records. He fell in love with house music that night and has collected and played them for his comrades in and around New York ever since moving here in the late 00’s.

Other than that Onkel-S is a resident of the Brooklyn based Level Party, with Andrew Devlin and DJ Voices, has a black labradoodle named Snute and once almost bowled a perfect 300.

His Good Room Podcast was recorded for the murky fall nights on the subway home from work or walking aimlessly around the streets of New York.

@marcoweibel dabbles in all things deep, spiritual, raw and honest. As a core member of the @darkerthanwax collective, he is always pushing the boundaries of underground/leftfield music through their label, during the DTW radio show on The Lot Radio or on the dancefloor. Originally from Singapore, Marco is one of the brightest selectors to have emerged out of the burgeoning South-East Asian scene. His move to New York has only furthered his musical reach, and his eclectic sound palette spans across a wide range of sounds from Beats, Dancefloor Jazz, Boogie, Afro/Brazilian, Hip-Hop, House / Techno, Footwork, Dub, Soundsystem Culture and beyond.

Marco’s ability to discern the vibe and dish out thoughtful and appropriate frequencies for head nodding or straight dancefloor annihilation has made him a favorite in the NYC scene, hence why he was chosen to play at this year’s Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. Check out his Podcast for Good Room ahead of the BEMF show on 10.05 where he’ll be playing with Butter and Mawkus at the Darker Than Wax showcase in the Bad Room. RSVP for free entry –

This mix sonically commemorates FSQ’s first appearance at Bad Room for The Funky Seshwa party with Willy Soul, Mouthfeel (Deep Inside / Austin, TX), and Morgan Wiley who reps both Midnight Magic and FSQ among other acts. The party on 08.16.18 marks the official launch of FSQ’s “The Remix Special” album, which compiles their best remix work we executed label mates like Soul Clap, Life on Planets, Nick Monaco, Crew Love, and Michael the Lion.

Several cuts from “The Remix Special” (plus special album outtakes) appear in this hour long journey through funk, style and quality including the new FSQ remix of Sa’d ‘The Hourchild’ Ali’s “Asylum”. The mix also features several unreleased jams in the spirit of the theme of “The Remix Special”. For instance, songs from their forthcoming Soul Clap Records album FSQ “Reprise Tonight”, as remixed by talents like Brooklyn based Dopeshoes and Italian disco magnate Birdee, as well as other FSQ works remixed by Midnight Riot Records stalwart Alan Dixon (Judge Funk), UK G-house legend Vanilla Ace, and Crew Love’s Jack Priest.

The mix also features new obsessions like records from Crazy P’s Ron Basejam, Israel’s funk / house king Obas Nenor, our South Africa’s sultry nudisco act Brian Snr all here in the mix. If you listen close to any FSQ mix you’ll also find the deep Parliament / Funkadelic (P-Funk) rarities as both Chuck Da Fonk and Sa’d Ali (RIP) from FSQ work with the group.

Bryce David got his start writing dance articles that landed on the pages of places like VICE and throwing parties in Atlanta before moving to NYC to open up neighbor-ing club and taqueria, Black Flamingo. When he’s not busy managing the venue’s design, menu, music programming, etc.. he likes looking for good records and playing them to please the ears and feet.

Bryce made this mix with the current summer in mind, pulling some of his favorite records of the season – some low and slow stuff to start, diving into some more dance-floor grease later on with some guitar heavy tracks thrown in for good measure. You can see Bryce playing in the Bad Room on 07.28 at Good Room. RSVP for free entry before 1AM –

@djelledee knows how to keep bodies moving. DJing for more than a decade, the Brooklynite is known for her genre-shifting sets that focus of percussive rhythms and melodic beats across deep house and techno.

We asked her to put together a mix for our 123rd Podcast. You can see her on the dancefloor at Good Room on 06.22, playing alongside other Brooklyn favorites Lauren Flax and Katie Rex. For details and free entry —>