Pinch vs Hodge

Pinch and Hodge are the leading men of the Bristol scene, producing some of the most forward-thinking tracks in the past five years. Pinch he’s been noted for his fusion of styles such as reggae, world music and dancehall with dubstep while Hodge sits on the edge of the more dystopian borders of Techno.

Pinch and Hodge have known each other for several years and have been known to catch up over a beer every now and then. Ahead of their set at Good Room on December 3, we got the Bristol brothers to ask each other the important questions they’d never asked before like their favorite takeaway joints, jaunts into alcohol production and the importance of infrasonic bass frequencies.

Hodge: You recently ran a subloaded in Bristol with the main room using infrasonic bass frequencies. Can you explain your thoughts behind this and the effect on the night ?

Pinch: I get bored easily and I’ve been bored of doing nights for ages. Throwing in infra sonics is an exciting (for now) exploration. I’m interested in searching for a deeper more spiritual (for lack of a better term) musical sensation and there’s not a lot of new and progressive options out there as far as my attention spans. I suspect infra sonics may hold the answers to some questions I’ve yet to fully form around this matter.

You currently have a huge amount  on the go including running record labels, collab productions, DJing and a live show with Adrian Sherwood. I think I’d have a melt down if I tried to do all that. What do you see your self focusing more on in the next year ?

I want to gift myself some time to get back into solo productions. I will be investing energy in that and in Mezky production. That is the new secret booze under formation by myself and Tony Addison Groove. Mescal aged in Islay Malt whisky soaked bourbon casks. It’s the lick.

With that amount on the go your constantly hearing different music and different takes on various sounds – what and who is exciting you the most right now?

My favorite artists always appear on Tectonic or Cold wherever possible. I also think Hodge from Bristol is an exciting producer and is honestly prolific. Which is rare. Hope to have him on board one day.

Pinch: The easy question… What is your favourite take away option. Let’s have dishy details not just a munchy genre.

Hodge: Shhheeiiit, OK Indian. In Bristol you can get really good Indian food – favourite dish maybe a Methi… Or a Ceylon…. Impossible choice. Both please.

The medium question… What do you want from a career in music & where do you want it to take you?

I want it all, evil world take over style…. Nah seriously, in terms of what I want, I always want more, at first I was just happy to release a 12, then I was just hyped to play out. Now I’ve been all over Europe, over to Japan and now coming to America so I just wanna keep on rolling!  The plans basically to keep on gigging, travelling and trying to make bangers. Plus I love not working a 9-5, obviously. Gives me the time to focus on my music.

The hard question… What’s your favourite tune you’ve ever made and why?

Amor Fati. Still works best in the club even now and now Pevs remixed it and made it better.

Pinch and Hodge are co-headlining Good Room on December 3. Tickets available here.


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