David Bowie Tribute party


The entire Good Room staff was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Sir David Bowie on Monday. He played such a big part in all of our lives and we wanted say thank you for the music.

We teamed up with Classic Album Sundays team for a special Tuesday night event to share the story of his life and some of his most important music from the past 40 years.

Ron Like Hell told us about one of his most important records, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ and Justin Strauss shared his memories of Bowie and the glam rock movement in NYC in the 70s.

It got very emotional during the CAS presentation of Ziggy with more than a few people getting teary-eyed while listening to the album. But we soon danced it out when DJs Honey Dijon, Justin Strauss, Tommy James and MaTT De Vlieger played some of their favorite Bowie tunes under the disco ball.

Bowie was one of those people who moved your soul and that was very evident last night when a room full of strangers came to celebrate his life. The passion and energy people had when the DJs dropped tracks like ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Under Pressure’ was like nothing we’ve ever seen on the dancefloor. We think it was a party Ziggy would be proud of.

We want to thank the Village Voice for coming out and covering the show. All photos originally appeared on their website, taken by Kylie Shaffer.

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