How Dusk Till Done transformed Boston’s nightlife for the better

Dusk Till Done

Dusk Till Done was created in September of 2013 by a group of Boston area dance music enthusiasts in order to provide an alternative space for people to dance to underground house and techno music late into the night. Rise After-hours which was about to close and the lack of another late night venue led to a need for pop up events that focused on the music.

Boston has a 2am liquor curfew that prohibits long extended sets fromdjs where they can truly showcase their talent of programming music over the course of a long night. This is something that Boston has long had to endure and caused many people to frequent events in other cities such as New York, Montreal, and Miami where the culture of the cities themselves are more conducive to the arts and music. Dusk Till Done took influence from events attended in New York such as Blkmarket Membership and Resolute, as well as pop up events in Montreal and Washington DC.

The parties started off in very small spaces around the Boston area and started to grow into bigger locations as a following started to form. They took place in barber shops, lofts, factories, recording studios, warehouses, and even large apartment spaces were used. It was truly an underground experience – you had to receive the location the day of the event by rsvping via email.
These events became well known in the Boston and the New England area attracting music fans as it became a haven for a truly unique experience. Djs such as Adultnapper, Danny Howells, Dj Three, Mr. C, La Fleur, Dance Spirit, Pete Moss, Naveen G, Will Monotone, Justin Sloe (Droog), Mike Swells, Sarah Myers, Blueshift, and many other guests have played their events. The brand also has started throwing events in the larger clubs of Boston and New York including it’s final event of 2015 at Bijou with special guest Matt Tolfrey of Leftroom Records.
Dusk Till Done are partying at Good Room on December 10 with Watergate resident La Fleur. Tickets available here. residents are currently comprised of co-founder Patrick Barry, Johnny Vaz, sudo, Tom Bartlett, and Keith Mattar in the Boston area as well as Chris Luzz who is New York based. Recently Dusk Till Done added the legendary LA-based Mr. C as one of it’s quarterly residents. 2016 promises to be another step forward for Dusk Till Done with events already scheduled in Boston, Providence, and New York.


John Barera Good Talk + Podcast


Name: John Barera
Occupation: DJ, Producer, part time Record Salesman
Hometown: Boston

Tell us about your music…
I aim to make soulful dance music, I am influenced heavily by Detroit techno and I also love house music & disco. This makes up the foundation of my sound, but there are elements of electro, funk, reggae, rock, jazz & r&b as well.

What is your holy grail of records and why? Do you own it on wax?
I have a few huge cornerstones, but they are not obscure records. It’s always changing between Al Green, Sly Stone, Stevie, Marvin & Curtis but probably my most prized record is “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane. It’s likely the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. I have the wax and listen often.

Dead or alive, if you could pick anyone to dance to one of your sets who would it be and why?
Ralf Hütter, one of the most important electronic musicians to ever live, and seemingly one of the stiffest and most elusive guys out there. I just want to see this cat cut a rug, coming up to me asking for track IDs, almost spilling drinks on me and shit.

Who are some producers or DJs you’ve heard lately that have blown your mind?
My favorite house DJs are Derrick Carter and Tama Sumo, my favorite Techno DJs are DVS1 and Rolando. These people have all blown my mind with their sets recently. I love the Black Madonna too, Pittsburgh Track Authority & Carlos Souffront. A producer who blows my mind is Floating Points, his new ” Silhouettes (I, II & III) ” is an incredible piece.

Has dance music changed for better or worse since you decided to enter the business?
I think it has changed for the better actually, I have been DJing for 12 years now and since I started it feels like there is more of a scene, more of a community, more interesting parties and spaces for the music that I enjoy.

What would be your last meal on earth and to what soundtrack?
Italian food, wine, “A Love Supreme”.

John Barera is playing at Good Room on December 12 at the REMEDY party in the Bad Room with Maroje T, Amourette and Jen Orlando.