Analog Soul – DatKat vs Jacky Sommer

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Identical twin sister duo Jacquelyn & Kathryn Smith (aka Jacky Sommer & DatKat) have been spreading the good sound around NYC since the early 2000s. They started The Analog Soul Show on East Village Radio exploring the deeper, darker side of techno and house with guests like Function to Simbad, Roland Appel, Slam Mode, and Dj Qu.

The show finished in 2009 but the sisters remain tastemakers in the NYC underground scene as well as playing across Europe, exploring the full spectrum of electronic music, from minimal, acid and Detroit techno to electro, dub and D&B.

Good Room got the sisters to ask each other the hard questions on life, music and food ahead of their set at Good Room on January 29th.

DatKat:  If u weren’t a dj what other career path if any would you choose?

Jacky Sommer: Hmm… well I love food. And love to cook. So catering perhaps? I don’t think I’d last a day in a restaurant kitchen tho as a chef. I cook way to slow. But music has always been my path, so tough to say.

What artist(past or present) would you want to spend a day with and what would you do together?

It would probably have to be Kate Bush. I’d honestly just want to have a music session with her. Like a YouTube sesh. To hear what she’s feeling at the moment. Her music is so amazing and on such another level.  I’d love to experience what inspires her.

How would you describe your production?

I like to make electronic, like breakbeats, ambient, dubby vibes… not necessarily
House or techno. I’d say it’s dark and Melodic…cinematic….

Jacky Sommer: what genre of electronic music do u enjoy playing the most? Why?

DatKat: Probably Downtempo/Triphop. This was the foundation for my shift to electronic music.

What is your favorite techno label and why?

This is a hard question as there’s just too many artists. But If I had to name one favorite I’d say End to End.  Such a seminal Detroit label,  with some of my fav artirts like Scan 7, Marty Bonds, Echoplex (all time fav). The sound is the perfect blend of both hard and melodic Techno.

What song or albums are on repeat this week and how does that sound play (or not) into ur upcoming set?

I’ve been listing to Main Source – Breaking Atoms alot this past week.  “Im looking at the front door” has been played about 100 times. I dont know that the sound exactly plays into the set,  although it could.  I think what distingues Analog Soul is that our sets are so across the board;so who knows.  If I feel it you might hear some Hip Hop.

DatKat and Jacky Sommer are playing in the Bad Room on January 29th at the MeanRed party with Omar S, Generation Next, John FM and Turtle Bugg. You can buy tickets here.

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Dope Jams Valentine’s Day Ball with Tiago and Lloydski

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Celebrate Life presents…
Dope Jams Valentine’s Day Ball with

Come celebrate that strange recess that we awkwardly greet each year with that extended family of house music miscreants you love to hate and can’t help but love.

Date: February 13
Address: 98 Meserole Ave. Brooklyn 11222
Subway: Nassau Ave. [G Train]
Doors: 10PM
Age: 21+

Tickets: $10-$20
Pre-Sale: RA
Facebook: here

Music unites, or so the saying goes, and yet only a few times in history has this saying actually proved to be true. Well aware of the legacy of underground club culture firmly rooted in NYC’s vibrant mixture of personalities and possibilities, Slow to Speak is determined to reignite, resurrect if you will, the lost possibilities of NYC’s legacy, determined to bring about the rare mixture of elements and determined atmospheric tailoring that when assembled exactly comprise the formula for a true party.

Slow to Speak’s Paul Nickerson and Frances Englehardt are the pair behind the Celebrate Life parties that have been running since 1999. They are also the pair behind the legendary record stores Dope Jams and Preserved Instincts. Whether they’re playing the in the shop, on a boat or in a club, Slow to Speak always bring raw energy and emotions to the decks. They use music as storyteller and social weapon, such that dance records and culture can once again speak to our everyday trials and wildest of dreams.

Hailing from Lisbon where he is a weekly resident at Lux Frágil, Tiago has a laid back intensity that is reflected in the expansive and inquisitive nature of his sets. Raised on good music in his home, turned on to drumming by his older brother, he came to DJ’ing via live music. He has been at it for close to twenty years, and in the last decade added production work to his resume with releases on James Murphy’s DFA, Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal or Lovefingers’ ESP Institute. He also runs his own label Interzona13 which showcases his music and other artists he digs.

Good Room resident and Tiki Disco legend Lloydski has been kicking it around NYC for 13 years, taking his record bag with him everywhere he goes. Growing up around DJs, he was influenced by everything from The Human League to experimental jazz to disco. His favorite record is still ‘Is It All Over My Face’ by Loose Joints, but his best records are the dollar records he found digging around town at places like A1 or Academy.

dope jams

South London Ordnance at Good Room on January 23

South London Ordnance pic

Good Room presents…

TOM OF ENGLAND in the Bad Room

Date: January 23
Address: 98 Meserole Ave. Brooklyn 11222
Subway: Nassau Ave. [G Train]
Doors: 10PM
Age: 21+

Tickets: Free before midnight with RSVP –
Pre-Sale: RA | Ticketfly
Facebook: here

Joining the dots between driving dub techno, classic acid and earthy, reduced house music – South London Ordnance has spent the last few years developing a unique voice as both a DJ and a producer.

Last year South London Ordnance returned with a series of releases that offer a much more refined, but altogether grittier sound. His single on Aery Metals, ‘Sex Fortress’ draws from a classic techno framework, but referencing industrial, minimal and cold wave music. He has an aesthetic that satisfies club leanings and cerebral textures, a sound that places the artist more in line with previous remixer Nik Void and current collaborators, C.A.R. and Femme En Fourrure.

Young Male is a techno project begun in 2008 by Quinn Taylor, a producer and DJ based in Brooklyn, New York. He is the co-founder of the New York crew/record label White Material, a group of techno, house and noise musicians. His live performances utilise a Roland TR909 drum machine, mixer, guitar fx pedals, and eerie sound textures. His first record was self-released in August of 2012 on White Material Records.

He displays more commonality with the sleek productions of Function and his Sandwell District associates than anything to have been inspired by America’s contemporary noise techno artists, pitched somewhere right between classic Detroit minimalism and the more forceful techno which was prominent in New York in the early 90s.

The Good Room resident is known for his all-night ragers that take dancers on a journey from odd-ball disco and leftfield rock to tripped-out techno and acid traxxx. Losing your shit on the dancefloor is not uncommon when seeing this legend.

Thomas Bullock’s roll call includes Tonka Sound System, Wicked Sound System, A.R.E. Weapons, Rub-n-Tug, Map of Africa and STD Records, having worked with DJs like DJ Harvey and Eric Duncan.


David Bowie Tribute party


The entire Good Room staff was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Sir David Bowie on Monday. He played such a big part in all of our lives and we wanted say thank you for the music.

We teamed up with Classic Album Sundays team for a special Tuesday night event to share the story of his life and some of his most important music from the past 40 years.

Ron Like Hell told us about one of his most important records, ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ and Justin Strauss shared his memories of Bowie and the glam rock movement in NYC in the 70s.

It got very emotional during the CAS presentation of Ziggy with more than a few people getting teary-eyed while listening to the album. But we soon danced it out when DJs Honey Dijon, Justin Strauss, Tommy James and MaTT De Vlieger played some of their favorite Bowie tunes under the disco ball.

Bowie was one of those people who moved your soul and that was very evident last night when a room full of strangers came to celebrate his life. The passion and energy people had when the DJs dropped tracks like ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Under Pressure’ was like nothing we’ve ever seen on the dancefloor. We think it was a party Ziggy would be proud of.

We want to thank the Village Voice for coming out and covering the show. All photos originally appeared on their website, taken by Kylie Shaffer.